RPT Industries

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In 2008 Ernest Leonard envisioned a means of better serving his oil industry clients: a user-friendly software to help oil companies harness more accurate data from pump shops. Such data would enable oversight and thereby help ensure more efficient use of resources. The software could further save oil companies money by enabling analysis of the data. No such tool existed, so he engaged partner-software-developer Dustin Hagen, who would develop Rod Pump Tracker in 2008, the company’s first software product delivered on a monthly subscription basis.

Since that time, the company has developed a second product that expands tracking and analytics coverage to include any type of well equipment. This newest software was released in 2017.

Our Mission

RPT Industries empowers the oil industry with weTrack, a powerful data management tool backed by excellent customer service.

weTrack enables the streamlining of all production and completion services by providing a complete tracking program to input, store, manage and analyze equipment and service data related to all vendor-provided field equipment. weTrack’s online data analysis engine helps oil companies facilitate improvements and quickly pinpoint equipment root cause failures in the oil and gas industry.

weTrack also enables collaboration between supply companies and E&P companies. In the future, weTrack will provide “E&P industry collaboration” that will enable a community of weTrack E&P customers who have opted in to anonymously help each other with collaborative solutions to industry problems.